Tier 11 (Archive)

Tier 11 (Archive)

Postby Zastaph » 10 Sep 2013, 16:02

Tier 11 - 8.996! / 13 Heroic

It's been a while since this was last updated, meanwhile we've killed Conclave and Double Dragons heroic and had a 0.4% wipe on Nefarian heroic last night that would have been a clean pre-berserk kill if it wasn't for 2 DPS being offline for half of phase 3 QQ. Really annoying encounter to learn, with all the random zomg there is lava, critical error incoming crashes etc. :P Here's a Fraps of our unfortunate failure. We'll go back there at some point and finish the job, for now we're relaxing a bit before Firelands hits.

Tier 11 - 6 / 13 Heroic

After 3 tough raids fraught with connection problems the Omnitron Defenses are well and truly offline. Thanks to all involved.

Omnitron Defense System Heroic, Kill-Shot (Click to Enlarge)

Tier 11 - 5 / 13 Heroic

Well, we've been slacking recently due to guild RL meet-ups etc. and decided it was about time to pull the finger out and kill some new internet monsters. Three! new heroic bosses this reset: Magmaw, Atramedes and Maloriak. Thanks to all involved.

Magmaw, Atramedes & Maloriak Heroic, Kill-Shots (Click to Enlarge)

Tier 11 - 2 / 13 Heroic

So, we took our first look at some of the entry-level heroics this reset and succeeded in killing first Chimaeron Heroic and later Halfus Heroic.

Chimaeron took longer than we had ideally hoped for due to a few random problems, we brought a slightly tweaked set-up the second night and killed it on the second pull. We almost didn't have a raid that night due to one tank having no internet and the other being on a burning Train (ya srsly).

Halfus took 3 serious pulls to kill once we were done messing about with the first Shadow Nova; slightly disappointing.

Chimaeron & Halfus Wyrmbreaker Heroic, Kill-Shots (Click to Enlarge)

Nefarian 25 - De-Animated! (12/12N)

It took longer than it should have due to many horrible technical difficulties on the encounter, from the laggy sound bug affecting half the raid to mass disconnects we finally got some serious attempts in and killed the last remaining normal mode obstacle.

Nefarian 25N, Kill-Shot (Click to Enlarge)
Thanks to all for their patience with the frustrating problems we encountered and Congratulations on the kill! WTB Heroic Modes.


After some relaxed time leveling and gearing up again during the holidays we took our first look at 25 man content; killing Halfus in our first raid. We learned that Slate Dragon + Nether Scion + Storm Rider is a pretty nasty combination to have for a first encounter with Halfus :)

Halfus 25N, Kill-Shot (Click to Enlarge)

In our second raid we killed Valiona and Theralion, afterwards paying a visit to the Twilight Ascendants for an early look.

Valiona and Theralion 25N, Kill-Shot (Click to Enlarge)

In the following reset we defeated Omnitron on our third pull, guess we should have started here :)

Omnitron Defense System 25N, Kill-Shot (Click to Enlarge)

Magmaw died in the same evening so we got to spend a little time testing Maloriak's Alchemical prowess

Magmaw 25N, Kill-Shot (Click to Enlarge)

Next time in there we paid a visit to Atramedes who we slew on our 5th pull, we heard later his disability cheque was fraudulently cashed by a suspicious looking human calling himself Lord Victor Nefarius.

Atramedes 25N, Kill-Shot (Click to Enlarge)

On the same night we revisited Maloriak and defeated him on the 3rd pull of the evening

Maloriak 25N, Kill-Shot (Click to Enlarge)

Next up was Conclave of Wind who, after some tweaking died without incident (well, maybe a few incidents .. Parachutes are bad mkay)

Conclave of Wind 25N, Kill-Shot (Click to Enlarge)

Our next target was the Twilight Ascendant Council. After several amusing wipes mostly related to Lightning Rod targets disconnecting or generally standing in bad places and a few low percentage phase 3 wipes we killed them cleanly but alas we failed to take a screenshot of the tiny corpse ..
We then spent a few attempts on Cho'Gall to get an early feel for the encounter.

Chimaeron fell in the next raiding reset after much effort, having a tank disconnect every feud phase can make things somewhat random we found :) and the Benny Hill phase was very close to a wipe as we had to kite throughout. A fun fight nonetheless. With the first 5 bosses now lieing dead in Blackwing Descent we got to spend a little time poking at Onyxia with pointy sticks and kiting some angry constructs around.

Chimaeron 25N, Kill-Shot (Click to Enlarge)

We revisited Cho'Gall later in the reset and defeated him on the 9th attempt. Very fun encounter but perhaps a little too easy for an end-boss considering we had to run an off-spec tank and several off-spec DPS that night.

Cho'Gall 25N, Kill-Shot (Click to Enlarge)

During one of our off-raiding nights when not many were online a few of us paid a visit to Al'Akir and defeated him after a bunch of low percentage Phase 3 wipes. A very fun fight but it's pretty disappointing how Blizzard chose to itemise the loot tables from Conclave and Al'Akir. We'll probably be giving these two a wide berth for now again, at least until Nefarian is dead :)

Al'Akir, Kill-Shot (Click to Enlarge)

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