Greetings. If you are reading this then you may be considering applying to Fury. Note: you do not need to make a forum account (the final question on the application forum deters bots already). All applications are private as they are only viewable by a select-few officers. Please fill out the information as accurately as possible so we can e.g. contact you and properly find your characters etc.

It is highly recommended to make a backup of the content of your application before submission. There is a known issue with certain browsers (Google Chrome in particular) which may cause the process to fail and your text to be lost.


Character name
Realm Name

Additional Information

About You
Tell us a bit about yourself and your interests, please also include your age, location and current / future employment situation.
What are you looking for in a guild?
Why Fury?
Main / Offspec
Please tell us about the preferred main and offspec of your 'Current Main Character' and detail gear-levels and experience for each spec.
This should include details of your rotation / priority and keybindings. You should also mention which mods you use; and why.
User Interface
Please provide a link to an image of your current UI
Here you should detail any relevant max.-level Alternate Characters. Especially any that may be decently geared or that you have raiding experience on / are willing to play if necessary. Armory links are appreciated where applicable.
Guild history
Previous guilds and reasons for leaving. We don't need to know who slept with the GM, although some light entertainment rarely hurts.
Raiding Experience
Please provide a comprehensive overview of your raiding experience to-date. This should also include indication of which of your characters the experience pertains to.
Non-raid activity
Outside raid-time in-game; what types of activities do you engage in most?
Raid Schedule
We raid 20:30-23:30 (Server time) 2 nights each week (Thursday & Monday. Please specify which of these days you can raid with a high weekly attendance.)
 Thursday     Monday  
Special Circumstances
Please state if you may have an occasional issue on a particular day due to e.g. work (and why, frequency etc.) and / or what are your regular impediments to raiding?
Computer Specifications
Please provide us with a rough outline of your system spec as well as an average FPS in 25 man raids (don't bother bullshitting here, we'll know).
Voice Communication
We use Voice Communication (Discord currently) in all raids. It is a requirement of Membership to be able and willing to speak during raids where necessary. Do you have any issues with this?
 Yes     No  
Contact Information
How can we contact you in relation to your application? (Battle-tag might be simplest/best here)
Other Information
Is there anything else you would like to mention?

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